Socionic “Dividing Horizon” Album Review

socionic-dividing-horizon-coverLos Angeles based Socionic recently released their new album “Dividing Horizon.” When checking out “Dividing Horizon” for the first time, the album art intrigued me right off the bat. To me, it symbolizes not only the band’s creativity, but also their sound as a whole. Throughout “Dividing Horizon” the band combines and transitions between various genres. This blending of genres creates a unique sound that unites a hard, almost brutal sound with a calmer, almost peaceful feel. Much like the album art, musically the songs on the album seem to fit into various “circles” that are constantly overlapping and blending together.

After listening to the album a few times, I would have to say that my favorite songs are “System’s Son” and “Myopia.” “Myopia” greatly showcases the mellower, almost peaceful sound within “Dividing Horizon,” while “System’s Son” contains the platform of energy to which the album in its entirety possesses. I would definitely recommend that anyone who has not checked out “Dividing Horizon” yet, to give it a listen.

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  1. I definitely agree that “System’s Son” is among the strongest — what a riff! I like the opener “Fearfall” and the single “Sanctity” as well. I think Mike and co. Have a great knack for crafting fast, propulsive songs with soaring melodies. I like their slower material also but the fast songs stand out to me more.

    You should also check out their debut EP Identity. It has equally consistent songwriting even though it was recorded before the current band really came together.

    BTW thanks for connecting on Twitter and writing about indie music! I look forward to reading more of your blog.

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