Favorite Memories of 2015

Kelsey: I cannot believe that it will be 10 months of LivingTheVanLife tomorrow! Time has really flown by and I have made so many amazing memories through this blog. It seems like only yesterday that I was doing my first ever official interview with The Millenium one super chilly March day in Minneapolis! That was also the first time I met Matt Skajem which was also pretty memorable. I’ll never forget that dude with bright, red hair that crashed my second ever interview with a band, The Resolution. Somehow, he and I ended up doing an interview at like 11pm, outside, in the middle of March, freezing our asses off. Ever since that night, everyone at the blog looks forward to seeing him whenever he comes through on tour and we have also begun calling him “our biggest fan,” for many reasons.
I would have to agree with Hannah, Valerie, and Marisa with their memories (which you can read below) as those were some pretty good and memorable times! Although, the second interview with Insomniac is also pretty high up on my list. Near the end of the interview Sam jokingly answered the question by saying: “We are gonna kill people…” and right after he said that a woman and this guy walk by and the woman had an interesting expression on her face, to which Insomniac responded with: “We are gonna stay in school…support your local community….” Every time we interview them, I spend most of the interview trying not to laugh!
My last memory was when we did the Bean Boozled Challenge with Once Around! This was the first time that Marisa and I had participated in a band challenge. The jelly beans for the most part tasted terrible, but it was still a lot of fun. I also will not forget the first time that Hannah and I heard them play back in October. As soon as they started playing Hannah leans over to me and goes: “Holy crap, you were right! They are incredible!” We look forward to seeing them again and hearing everything that they are working on!

Hannah: There have been so many memories that we have made this year, that I cannot choose just one! For me, I would have to say Milwaukee and Iowa City with Best Kept Secret, Marina City, and An Honest Year, otherwise watching The Way Away do the Bean Boozled Challenge was hilarious.
The Milwaukee show in general was just super memorable! I mean, we interviewed Best Kept Secret in a coat closet and a bathroom and then later interviewed Marina City in a shower, I mean we did get kicked out of the shower, but the hallway was also fun! Marina City became one of my favorite bands that night and so when Kelsey walked through our door a few days later asking if I would be up for a last minute decision road trip to see them perform in Iowa City, I was super excited! The whole night in Iowa was pretty entertaining just from watching people look at us and go: “What are you doing here!?”
Watching The Way Away do the Bean Boozled Challenge is another memory that really stands out to me! The smell from the skunk flavored jelly beans was terrible, but watching their faces and their reactions was rather enjoyable. We always have a lot of fun with The Way Away and I cannot wait to see what other terrible challenges they might be up for!

Marisa: Like Hannah, I have made a lot of memories through LivingTheVanLife and so it is rather hard to narrow it down to just one! I would have to say that everything about The Resolution’s last show in Berwyn was quite memorable. The entire drive Kelsey and I bickered like an old married couple over the map while I am pretty sure Hannah took a nap in the backseat. We ended up getting there earlier than we had planned so we spent most of the day exploring Berwyn and ended up playing in a park near the venue, until we decided it was time to go on a bathroom hunt.
The first band we interviewed was Aiming for Average and after the interview they ended up climbing up a wall for their thumbnail picture, so that happened! The interview with Matt Skajem ended up being pushed back to later in the night and so we had some time to kill before the Cup Check interview. It was super cold outside and I think we had at least an hour to pass! Kelsey started making up and singing a parody to Lorde’s “Royals” that we are calling “I’m So Cold,” which was super funny! We ended up having just as much fun before the show as we did when it started! It was also so much fun to see Matt Skajem again as we always have a good time when he’s at the shows!

Valerie: I have only been to one show so far with LivingTheVanLife, but it was so much fun! I struggled through every interview we did that day to not laugh! The Crash the Party interview was pretty funny to watch, especially the stare down beforehand. The entire interview was just hilarious and we got to hear the recording of “You Know It” afterwards which was really cool! Interviewing Insomniac was also super funny and I love watching the other interview and the band challenge that we did with them!

Kelsey: 2015 for me has been such an amazing year! In these past 10 months, LivingTheVanLife has interviewed over 42 different bands with a grand total of 48 interviews. I have made so many memories, met so many amazing people, explored over 14 different cities, watched 70 different bands play, and best of all, I got to spend every second of it with the best friends I could have ever asked for. There are a lot of cool things in the works and so many incredible memories to make in 2016, that I cannot wait to see what the future has instore!


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