Prime Meridian: Most Likely To

1. Become a millionaire – Neither of us, unless we win the lottery
2. Become Pope – Eric
3. Get stuck in a revolving door – Shae
4. Get lost – Both of us
5. Star in a movie – Eric
6. Get stranded somewhere – Shae
7. Show up late – Neither, we are always early!
8. Live on Mars – Neither, we couldn’t possibly survive
9. Brighten someone’s day – Shae, he likes flowers
10. Dance randomly in public – Neither of us can dance
11. Create a rap on the spot – Jordan
12. Become a chef – Eric
13. Rob an ice cream truck – Shae, happened twice already!
14. Become President – Neither of us like politics
15. Wear mismatched socks – Eric, on the regular


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