Spoken: “Breathe Again” Album Review

The band Spoken is at it again with the release of their eighth album “Breathe Again” that is set to be out on December 11, 2015. Their first album, “On Your Feet,” debuted eighteen years ago and fast forward to today; Spoken is still delivering powerful songs that tug at the listener’s emotions in a way that they feel more connected and apart of the lyrics.

The album as a whole reminds me of a mix of the music I grew up listening to as a kid, combined with the music I listen to now. All in all, the album flows from song to song almost like a story, with each song catching my attention and retaining it to the very end of the album. Their song, “Breathe Again,” features Matty Mullins of Memphis May Fire and after its release, topped the Billboard Christian Rock charts! While I loved every song on the album, I would have to say “Surrender” and “Your Memories Are Alive Again” were among my favorites.

The album as a whole packs a punch while at the same time it seamlessly transitions from the first song all the way through the last. I would highly recommend for people to check out Spoken’s album “Breathe Again” when it comes out on December 11th and cannot wait to see what Spoken has in store for the future!


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