Our Souls Evolve: Track by Track

”Self Consciousness” is about the struggle of living without thinking. The approach we chose is from the perspective of the pronouns ‘I, you, and he’. The entire album has a common denominator that is introspective.

Forgé dans le doute
I personify a character who has built his way, blindly drifting from goal to goal without pushing in the same direction. He always finds a light that’s more attractive than the last one and forged his future and decisions based on doubt.

Invisible Sickness
We talk about a character who must resign himself to take a leap of fate in order to communicate with others.

Seeking Answers
I embody a character that spends his whole life asking questions and thinks that he found the answer about life in the world of occult.

I try to see the world as a military chief who is torn between decisions that will affect his people badly and tries to find a balance between the accumulated knowledge of the past and opportunities that the future can bring.

Absolute Nothingness
I put myself in the skin of an animal on a slaughterhouse chain. The animal tries to make sense as he approaches death. The lyrical structure is mechanical and static.

I speak in the name of mankind who has realized the price to maintain his quality of life.

Peace out


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