Our Souls Evolve Interview

1. Can you introduces yourselves and state your role in the band?
Ismael: Guitar
Sergio: Guitar
Raphael: Vocals
Hamza: Bass
Jorge: Drums

2. What three words do you feel best describes the band?
Weirdos trying music

3. In 5 years, where do you want to see Out Souls Evolve?
Preparing a 4th album, having played in a good part of Canada, and trying to enter the U.S.A as a touring band.

4. As a band, what has been your best memory so far?
Probably when we first started to tour. We lived in so many sketchy situations, from getting payed 15$ for a gig to getting a bong hit in the face while playing as a ”stage smoke effect.”

5. You are releasing a new album soon; can you talk a bit about what when into writing it?
Yes, actually very soon! We’ve been working on “Self/Consciousness” for about a year, which will be coming out on November through Famined Records, and we are tremendously excited to release it!

6. Was there anything in particular that you drew inspiration from while writing this album?
Musically, we just write what comes to mind without overthinking things. I guess our everyday life and the music that we consume would subconsciously influence the direction of the album, as it would shape our sense of melody and rhythm over time.

7. Was there anything different that you experienced while writing and recording the album from when you did “Origins?
Well, we record everything ourselves, but for “Origins,” Sergio wasn’t as geared up so he had to borrow a couple things from friends and had an assistant engineer to produce vocals with. This time around he had all the necessary equipment to work everything himself and acquired more knowledge and experience to deliver a solid product!
For “Self/Consciousness” we captured a real performance thanks to an electric drum kit and used the midi information to map out the drum parts, which wasn’t done for our previous release. Other than that, the writing process has been the same. Sergio writes an entire song, and then sends it off to the rest of the band to arrange, add lyrics, etc.

8. Is there a song off of the album that you are most excited for fans to hear? Why?
“Self” would definitely be it, because it’s just an awesome song. Second, I think it really makes you feel a lot of things at the same time, confusing and hopeless, but beautiful emotions all fused together.

9. Does anyone in the band have any hidden talents?
Jorge is really good at hiding his talents

10. If the band was stranded on a deserted island, who in the band would you eat first?
We would eat Jorge first and I’ll make sure that Hamza and Sergio are for the end. More meat.

11. Before we go, is there anything you want to say to the people reading this?
We are all disciples of the monkey lord and we love to share our devotion of the great one by making this music. If you had a great time reading this please help us spread this love with the entire human race.


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