Pyro, Ohio “Keepsakes” Album Review

On November 13th, Virginia band Pyro, Ohio will be releasing their brand new album “Keepsakes.” Their EP, “Before The Sun Sets,” gained tremendous attention nationally. After listening to “Keepsakes” numerous times, I feel that it has the potential to do the same and more.
From the first song to the last, Pyro, Ohio’s new album “Keepsakes,” caught my attention and held it throughout. The album as a whole packs a strong punch that led me to want to listen to it over and over again. While I immensely enjoyed the entire album, I would have to say my favorite tracks off the album would have to be between “If Only I Could Learn to Swim” and “It’s Not My Cup of Tea, But I’ll Drink It.”
The album as a whole flows effortlessly from song to song, exploring and blending various genres along the way. I would highly recommend that people check out “Keepsakes” when it comes out and cannot wait to see what lies ahead for Pyro, Ohio in the future.


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