5 Facts with Pyro, Ohio

This week on LivingTheVanLife we are featuring the band Pyro, Ohio! Check out the 5 facts about each member below!

Peter (vocals):
1. I was born in Germany since both my parents were Colonials in the Army.
2. I have a degree in Wildlife Science from Virginia Tech. I love reptiles!
3. I’m a huge fan of the Washington Capitals, Washington Wizards, Baltimore Orioles, and Dallas Cowboys. Did I mention I’m a hypocrite? 😉
4. I won my 7th grade talent show playing the song “Swing, Swing” by the All-American Rejects with my band. I was playing the drums, not singing.
5. My favorite band is Blink-182. My only tattoo is of their smiley face logo from their self titled album.

Stephen (guitar):
1. I’ve built part of a spacecraft. It launched with a Pyro, Ohio sticker on it.
2. I’m named after Stephen King.
3. I have a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering and I’ve worked at NASA.
4. Peter and I are the only original members.
5. I’m a vegetarian.

Jake (guitar):
1. Dr. Pepper was invented in my hometown, by a pharmacist of the same name.
2. I have webbed toes.
3. I have a degree in fish and wildlife and I’m certified in wilderness survival; that’s probably weird for a band dude.
4. I was the quarterback of my high school football team, also weird for a band dude.
5. I made it to the state science fair in high school through my local governors school.

Daniel (bass/programming):
1. I was born with a hole in my heart that nobody knew about until I was 2 years old – most emo lyric ever.
2. I do graphic design; I own my own clothing line, Drella Apparel.
3. I’ve never broken a bone.
4. I don’t drink alcohol or smoke / do drugs.
5. I’m a vegetarian.

Brennan (drums):
1. I was born with a hole in my chest. The term for it is “pectus excavatum”, so I’m a mutant in that sense.
2. When I was little, my family had an episode of the cartoon “Arthur” edited to have my face on the main character Arthur’s body. I still have the VHS.
3. My first show with the band was at 2015 Warped Tour.
4. I’m the youngest member of the band – and the only one who isn’t old enough to drink.
5. I’m the newest member of Pyro – I’ve only been in the band a couple of months.


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