The Tumor Called Marla: Most Likely To

We played a little game of Most Likely To with The Tumor Called Marla and here are the results:
1. Survive a zombie apocalypse: Geri Kneif
2. Take over the world: Farkas Krisztián
3. Win a Nobel Prize: Jegyinák Roland
4. Get married last: Anna Burai
5. Be the richest person alive: Attila Lauter
6. Win an Olympic gold medal: Jegyinák Roland
7. Make someone laugh: Geri Kneif
8. Randomly dance in public: Farkas Krisztián
9. Have a rap career: Jegyinák Roland
10. Sleep through an earthquake: Attila Lauter
11. Fall off stage: András Péter Gerő
12. Learn to juggle: Gerő András and Anna Burai
13. Get lost: Attila Lauter
14. Be a talk show host: Farkas Krisztián and Jegyinák Roland
15. Survive in the wilderness: Geri Kneif


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