The Tumor Called Marla Interview

1. For those who do not know you, what is your name and what is your role in the band?
Hekky: I shout and yell
Geri: I play the bass
Anna: I’m the vocalist, the female one obviously 🙂

2. What one word best describes each of your band members?
Geri: crazymodafakas
Anna: That’s a hard question to answer, because we’re all complex individuals, but one thing is for sure: everyone is crazy in the most positive way.
Hekky: They are all ready for world domination

3. How did the band start and how did you meet?
Geri: -Funny story, actually one of my colleagues showed me his friend’s band. He asked my opinion, and I said: “yeah dude. That is some tasty stuff. If your friend needs a bassist, just tell me first.” At this time they had a bassist, who just jumped out from the band, just a half hour after I heard for the first time that sketch, so we called each other, arranged a meeting, and we talked about the music, the goals, the personal goals, etc.
Hekky: It started as a trip hop band haha. But we found Attila, then we went rampage.
Anna: I’ve known Hekky for more than 3 years, we did some projects together before TTCM was born. We grew up in Budafok, just like Krisztián. I moved out 2 years ago, but that place is essential concerning our acquaintance.

4. What were your first impressions of each other?
Hekky: “Yeah, that’s gonna be it”
Geri: -OMG, what a pack of crazy modafakas
Anna: Yeah, the same. I love it! I felt immediately that I was surrounded with the right people.

5. How did you get your band name? Is there a certain story or meaning behind it?
Geri: -We all love the movie Fight Club. It’s a cameo for that. “If I had a tumor, I’d named it Marla. Marla…the little scratch on the roof of your mouth that would heal if only you could stop tonguing it, but you can’t.”

6. What is it about The Tumor Called Marla that makes you stand out from the other bands out there and why should people check out your music?
We think we play what is in our hearts without any makeup, so whoever is listening to it can find something relevant with him/herself.

7. You have two singles out right now, “Mute” and “A Different Tension,” can you explain a bit about the writing process for the two songs, what inspired them, and what they are about?
Geri: Actually “Mute” was that sketch that I was talking about earlier. So, it was almost finished when I joined the band, they needed only a badass bass line for it. I think that bass line was my ticket to join them. The other singles from the EP were written as sketches too, so I just had to put myself into the tracks, and form it together to our taste.

8. You are releasing you EP, “Trance,” in November; can you talk a bit about the overall concept or story of the EP, if there is one?
The Trance will contain 7 tracks which are telling some unique stories, which are connected to each other somehow. We promise that it will be heavy as hell, but easy to sing for the crowd, for example in a live show

9. What should people expect next from The Tumor Called Marla?
We are already working on our LP, but at the same time we’d really love to share our atmosphere and our work in as many ways as possible, including our online release, articles, and/or live concerts all the way around, where it is possible.
Anna: The live shows are gonna kick some ass!! But I won’t tell a word, it is gonna be a big surprise to our fans.

10. Is there anything you want to say to the people reading this?
Check it out guys and if you like what you see and hear, don’t forget to follow us on Facebook, YouTube, and visit our live show. The more people are interested in our music life, the happier we are!

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