SayWeCanFly Concert Experience

After years of listening to his music, I was finally able to watch SayWeCanFly perform live. After driving through storm after storm Hannah, Selina, and I finally arrived in DeKalb, Illinois to watch SayWeCanFly, 7 Minutes in Heaven, and Metro Station perform at The House. The three of us found a nice spot out of the rain to wait for the doors to open, as the calm drizzle turned into a heavy downpour rather quickly. Together the three of us took shelter from the rain while telling stories and doing the Macarena.

I was so excited when SayWeCanFly walked onstage, along with many people in the crowd. He opened up with “Song of the Sparrow” and the crowed loved it right away. From the first note, he was able to captivate the crowd which quickly sang along. Hannah and I were rather impressed that he sounded the same live as he did on his recordings. It is easy to tell that he is a natural performer and that he loves to be onstage.

I could not help but smile when he began to play “Bruise My Bones,” as it is among my favorites by him. Every song that he played, especially this one, was sung with so much emotion in his voice. It is greatly evident how much each of the songs he has written, truly means to him. Each word he sang was filled with raw emotion and laced with a strong message.

During his set, he played a cover of Bring Me The Horizon’s, “Drown.” It seemed as if the entire building was singing along with him at the top of their lungs. I feel that with each song he played, his talent as a musician became more and more pronounced. Each song seemed to display a whole new dynamic of vocals and emotion in his voice. Perhaps, the best demonstration of his talent as a musician came slightly before he played the last song of his set, “Scars.” Prior to the last song, one of his strings broke on his guitar, yet he still continued with the show by simply playing without his guitar. The audience was extremely supportive and sang along louder than they had all night.

He ended the show with a smile on his face and saying: “you guys are my new best friends,” before walking off the stage. I would definitely recommend going out to one of his shows as it seemed that everyone in attendance was having a good time.


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