The Resolution: Concert Experience (#2)

The Resolution has been a band that never ceases to amaze me and each of the three times I have seen them live, have been among the best shows I have been to. A little known fact about my blog, LivingTheVanLife, is that there were three main inspirations behind it. The Resolution was one of them and has encouraged me to focus on local music since first meeting the band on The Cold Kids and Campfires Tour. Before the show, I spent a lot of time listening to their fans talk about them and enjoyed listening to multiple fans tell me about how they found out about The Resolution and what they mean to them. Along with talking to their fans, when I watched them perform for the first time and saw the passion that they have for their music and performing, it gave me the idea to start this blog and encourage people around the world to support local bands that more people really need to know about.

That all being said, on April 26, 2015 my assistants Marisa, Hannah and I made the long trek to Berwyn, Illinois to watch one of my favorite bands play together one last time. The long journey consisted of singing along to CD’s, drinking Peace Tea, eating Combos, and Marisa and I attempting to read a map…and then arguing about it like an old married couple. We arrived at Berwyn a few hours early and spent the time exploring and doing last minute preparation work for a couple of interviews later in the day.

The Resolution consists of members Brian Moroney, Trevor (Trevi) Utz, and Patrick Mitchell and for this tour Matt Skajem (Out With The Old) tambourine extraordinaire. I was super excited to see Brian, Trevi, and Matt again and to finally meet the famous Patrick that Brian and Trevi kept talking about the two previous times I had met them.

The Resolution kicked off their set with a crowd favorite, “Kayla.” When looking around at the fans, I honestly believe that everyone in the audience was singing along. It was evident, as it has been each time I have watched them, that they were having the time of their lives, just as much as the audience was. With each song the passion and the emotion in their voices and in the audience became stronger and stronger. The second song they performed was “Nothing On Us” followed by their song “Mess Last Night.” By the middle of “Mess Last Night,” Marisa and Hannah were making a bet on whether Matt would give himself a concussion or whiplash from his intense tambourine playing.

As always, The Resolution had an amazing stage presence and with ease got the crowd engaged with every song. I quickly found myself smiling and singing along while taking my notes and saw my assistants doing the same. Their set was full of energy and it was clear they were having the time of their lives. Every time that I have watched this band perform, I am impressed at how quickly and easily they can captivate a crowd, making them go crazy and have a good time.

I really enjoyed their song “I’m Never Going to College” and from what I saw, many other fans in the audience did too. While all of the songs that they played got the crowd going crazy and having a good time, I feel that the song that left the best impression was at the end of their set. After a few speeches and Patrick getting asked to prom, they played “Hometown Heroes.” I feel that this song was quite possibly the best song for them to end the show with. Looking around, it was scarce to see a dry eye in the crowd and on stage.

I wish Brian, Trevi, and Patrick the best of luck in the future and I will miss seeing them perform together, but I know they each have a bright future ahead of them and I cannot wait to see where the journey takes them.

The Resolution collage 2


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