The Following: “Dead Thoughts”

I have been listening to The Following for about a year now and they never fail to impress me. The Following is a band from the Minneapolis, Minnesota area and consists of Cody Crook, Shane Olson, Chris Hanson, Barclay Olson, and Jason Hirt.

The Following recently released a new music video for their new song “Dead Thoughts.” Over the past year I have watched this band grow and make huge strides towards the future. The moment I heard this song I was impressed and now cannot wait to hear what they have in store next.

“Dead Thoughts” opens with quite possibly the most epic introduction in the history of music video introductions. The song kicks off with Cody’s intense vocals, along with a powerful driving force from the drums, bass, and guitars. The entire song itself has a powerful and intense feel to it. Shane and Cody’s vocals work together to create an echo like quality that adds to the intensity and meaning of the song.

Throughout the entire song, one can easily hear the emotion in both Shane and Cody’s voices, and to be completely honest; the first time I heard this song, I teared up a bit. Especially at the parts where Shane sings: “these thoughts in my head are consuming me and the sense of failure gets the best of me.” Even without knowing the true meaning behind the song, it is immensely evident through not only the lyrics, but also within the video, that the song carries a lot of meaning to the band and is full of emotion. I feel that it is a song that anyone can connect to and even discover one’s own meaning within the lyrics.

I have had “Dead Thoughts” on repeat since its release and have found myself singing it softly while walking to class. Anyone can find a connection to this song and I cannot wait to hear what is next from The Following as they seem to be the kind of band that prides itself on constantly improving and it certainly shows.

Check back here in the coming weeks for more of The Following

Until then check out “Dead Thoughts”


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