Out With The Old: Interview Part 2

Out With The Old Concert Experience: https://livingthevanlife.wordpress.com/2015/03/23/owto-ce/

Check out part 1 of the interview: https://livingthevanlife.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/owtop1/

Do you feel more people need to check out their local music scene and why?

Matt: I would say yeah. I mean California, we are kinda where like pop punk was birthed, I guess, I mean compared to other states from what I’ve seen in other cities. Like southern California we kick ass when it comes to music scenes, but at the same time it’s like, there’s so much unheard talent that is within the scenes. Like I know back home, like three bands that come off the top of my head are called Gravler, Scarlett Avenue, and then this band, they are not around anymore; they are called Shipwrecked and just like everyone should be listening to them. Like they are fucking great, so I mean I honestly think everyone needs to step up and I mean we have been doing all we can to get more people into our local music scene, so you know. I don’t know, I think we can all agree on that though, that everyone needs to really just give a shit.

Christian: Yeah, it’s like all the mainstream bands like Pierce the Veil and Paramore, they were local too and you obviously can’t make it anywhere if no one’s supporting you. No matter how small they are, you gotta treat everyone equal. Someone that’s in a big band is the same person as someone as us, you know…

Matt: We are all the same, we just make music.

Christian: Yeah, exactly.

Brandon: Yeah, I like doing shows out here because people actually care. Like back at home it’s all about how or are we going to make money off of this and they just screw you over with shows. Out here, they actually care about what it sounds like, what the shows are like, you know, it’s just…we are not doing this for money. We are doing this because this is what we fucking love to do and yeah the money is what is going to keep us going, but we love to just fucking make music. We love to do this, so to see a scene that is not about just the money and it’s about the love of music, it’s a beautiful thing. It restores my faith in music.

Matt: I’m like warm again…


Brandon: I am not at all!

Christian: No…far from it!

Brandon: I’m far from warm…but it’s worth it.

Matt: It’s all worth it.

*All shivering and slowly scooting closer*

So you recently released an EP, what can you say about it?

Brandon: I love it…

Christian: Tasty!

Matt: It’s cool. I mean Miscellaneous Things is weird for us because like “Tall Tale” and like “Little League Hearts” are the first songs we ever wrote as this band, but we didn’t really release them until now. So *coughing* it has two old songs and two new songs, so it shows where we are going with the music, but I feel like the stuff that we are writing now for our full length that we are going to be putting out hopefully in the fall is going to be like, where everybody really is like this band is fucking cool. But I mean like Miscellaneous Things, same with Liar, I am super proud of it. It’s something that like I love and I’m really proud to show people, you know. It’s fun and energetic too, which is what I love about it.

Brandon: I just think we improved ourselves…

*Cue train whistle*

Brandon: …as musicians in between Liar…

Matt: Tremendously!

Brandon: So, yeah to me…

Matt: We got better is what he is trying to say.

Brandon: Yeah, it’s like a step and it’s like look at the progress, but I don’t know how much more I can talk. So I’m going to stop talking…

Matt: Alright Brandon, I forgive you.

Brandon: Thank you so much for caring and whatnot! I’m going to hug you…I’m hugging you as well.

Marisa: Okay…

*Pause for hug break*

Christian: But you no hug me to keep my ass warm.


Matt: Alright, what else do we have, we got Matt and Christian left. Everybody else just disappeared.

What should fans expect next from Out With The Old?

Matt: Umm, like I said we are writing a full length right now. We are going to be working with, hopefully, if everything goes as planned with Zac from Man Overboard, umm, our producer who produced our last EP is going to be coproducing it, again because we love John. The Resolution is going to be helping us out with it, like I mean, honestly, like we got a full length and then we got a bunch of tours that we are lining up and we will hopefully be doing a full U.S. in the summer, the end of the summer and then the fall.

Christian: Sometime this year.

Matt: Yeah, so you know just new music and a bunch more shows and merch. Our merch store, I think, goes live next week. So that’s exciting, people are finally going to able to get shirts.

Why should people check out your band?

Matt: We are not like every other pop punk band out there, because we are not standing on stage yelling about stuff. I don’t know, like I love…this got me into some trouble, because I said this in another interview, but we are not a broey band, like we love those bands, like don’t get me wrong. We listen to it, but like we are more processed and I don’t know, I just like to tell people like we are a band that like literally if you are a bro, you can dig the break downs. If you’re a lady, you can love the lyrics. I feel like we are just a band that like everyone can like find something in it. I don’t know, what do you think? Why should people like us Christian?

Christian: Because we play instruments.

Matt: Yeah, we do that.

Christian: Support music. The music industry is kinda like dying out in a way.

Matt: You don’t necessarily have to like us, just come get crazy at our shows. You’ll have a good time.

Christian: Yeah, I’ve seen plenty of bands that I don’t like that I went crazy for, you know. And I still support bands that I don’t like.

Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Matt: Thank you, I mean all this like support is very new to us. It’s only been about three months, since we really started seeing this exponential growth. So like tonight, I think there was like 75 kids here tonight and that’s so rad to us, because like the fact that like kids actually care now. Thank you guys so much, like honestly, without you guys…like I’m fucking homeless. Without you guys like I literally would be on the fucking streets and you know, so I mean to me like you guys mean the fucking world, more than anything to me.

Christian: Yeah, I’d rather be doing this than working 9-5, you know. I’d rather be dirt poor, being on the road every day, well not every day, but a lot.

Matt: It’s just cool…it’s just really nice that people care.

How would you survive a zombie apocalypse and who in the band would survive the longest?

Matt: I would be the first one dead. I would die the day it fucking happened.

Christian: I would probably say Brandon would be the last one surviving…but Eli wouldn’t, ah, I don’t know…

Matt: Ok so, pretty much everyone, except for maybe Nathan, Brandon, and that’s about it, would die on the first day. So *coughing while talking* Nathan and Brandon, they are going to have their own journey with the zombies. We’d all be dead the first day, because we all just would panic out and just not know what to do.

Christian: We would probably start playing a show for them and it probably wouldn’t work out to well…

Matt: Yeah, we would play a zombie show. That’s how we would go down…

Christian: Exactly.

Matt: Zombie Fest 2K20!

*Loud truck and train*

If you had to date another member of your band, who would it be and why?

Matt: Knowing how these guys are, no one…well probably Christian, just because…he seems the most genuine, I would date Christian.

*Train gets really loud*

Christian: I wear my heart on my sleeve. It kinda…I’m a really like emotional and heartfelt guy and I don’t know, it gets me in a bad place sometimes, so…

Matt: *loudly* Who would you date?

Christian: Who would I date? Can I have a threesome?

Matt: Sure, why not? Three ways are cool.

Christian: I would have a threesome with Matt and Brandon, but I would probably date…Matt, because I feel like…I don’t know.

Matt: We would date each other. We didn’t plan that, I swear.

Christian: Eli would probably just laugh at…

*Eli comes outside*

Eli: What?!

Matt: We are just finishing up an interview…

Christian: Yeah we are just finishing up an interview, dude. How’s it going?

Matt: Eli says hi every one.

Eli: Oh yeah I do say hi!

Check out part 1 of the interview: https://livingthevanlife.wordpress.com/2015/03/24/owtop1/

Check out Watch Me Burn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIxGXnoqi_E




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