The Resolution: Interview

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For those who do not know you, can you tell us your name and your role in the band?

Trevi: Trevi and I am guitar/vocalist.

Brian: I’m Brian and I also play guitar and sing vocals.

How and when did the band start?

Brian: Ah, a while ago actually. We have been through a few like phases.

Trevi: One year, two years.

Brian: Almost two years for The Resolution. Before that we were in bands together though.

Why did you decide to call your band The Resolution?

Trevi: Brian thought it would be a cool idea.

Brian: I thought it would be a cool name.

Trevi: Sounded cool.

Brian: Sounded cool.

Trevi: It was like the revolution, but like the resolution.

Brian: Yeah dude, it worked, so yeah. No like actual meaning towards it…

Trevi: Nope.

Bran: But now we are I feel like we are The Resolution.

Trevi: Yeah, we are resolving everything.

Brian: We are The Resolution.

Trevi: We are resolving quadratic formulas all over the nation.


Brian: It’s like b plus or minus the square root of 4a or something like that all over 2b.

Trevi: Nope that’s not…

Brian: Something like that.

Trevi: Oh yeah, that is the quadratic formula.

(After checking my math notes: -b +/- square root of b2-4ac all over 2a)

What inspires you to write music?

Trevi: My dog, he’s in hospital, so prayers out to my dog.

Brian: All the girls that broke my heart, just kidding. Ah, I don’t know, just ah…

Trevi: When I was a baby, I really liked, umm, who was that one girl? It’s not Avril Lavigne, but the other chick I don’t know what her name is. Sheryl Crow

Brian: Sheryl Crow *laughs*

Trevi: And I was like dude she sounds so dope, I want to do this for the rest of my life and that’s what inspired me every day, Sheryl Crow.

Brian: I think for me, it was like Drake and Josh mixed with like…

Trevi: Well actually it was Alanis Morissette, I take that back, that’s the girl…

Brian: Mixed with like ACDC and I was just like this is rock, I need to like play the guitar.

Trevi: Yeah, today’s like our first electric show…

Brian: Out of state…

Trevi: Yep, out of state and that’s going to be so because we got, I know you can’t see it, but we have an amazing van behind us…

Brian: Betty.

Trevi: It looks like it’s broken down. It’s amazing and it carries all of our stuff so…That’s a long answer.

Is there a specific song that you have written that carries the most meaning to you?


Trevi: Pass.

Brian: Pass?

Trevi: Our new songs really have a lot of meaning. The old ones, I think we had really, like I think we just had fun with the first stuff. Like we were just…we were in a band to kinda like have fun. Now we are like slowly taking it more seriously, so like in a lot of the new stuff it just like has a lot more meaning…

Brian: It has a lot more…

Trevi: Like there’s this one called “Dingus” that’s coming out and like I literally wrote it to kinda get all my feelings out and that’s like the first time I’ve done it for this band. I have had a couple of other ones, but it’s a big f you to corporations so it’s pretty punk and that’s what I grew up on so…

Is there a moment in your career that has stood out the most to you?

Trevi: Well we just went out on the Cool Kids and Campfires Tour and that’s like stood out to me because that was like…

Brian: That was really amazing…

Trevi: Because we like boosted so much in our like, you know, knowing everyone and having friends out of state and like yeah…

Brian: Our Spotify plays have went from like under 5,000 to like over 25,000…

Trevi: So like yeah everyone’s listening to us now and it’s been a really big thing. Other than that, like Warped Tour, we got to play a date on Warped Tour in Milwaukee which was amazing because the sound system was so cool and just to know that like all the other bands went through that. Like and eventually became something is like you know kinda motivating.

What is your favorite thing about touring and what is your must have tour item?

Brian: Must have tour item for me is mouthwash. I feel like it is always a savior.

Trevi: Mine is N64, but we don’t have it so I’m kinda, I’ve been bored as hell in the van. But yeah we have an N64 in our van normally, true story. Super Smash Bros! (Good choice:) )

Brian: Vitamins.

Trevi: Oh, vitamins are very important, getting nutrition.

Brian: I was sick for a whole month of tour.

Trevi: Almond milk, chocolate almond milk. We have a lot of essentials.

Brian: Protein, but yeah…

Do you feel more people need to check out their local music scene?

Both: Ahhhh, no…

Brian: Depends…

Trevi: No, I’m totally kidding.


Trevi: It depends if they are good.

Brian: If you get into the right bands.

Trevi: Umm, yeah like I think if the local scene is good, then totally do it and be looking out for good bands, but I don’t think you necessarily have to just love them because they are local and you don’t have to like because they are national. You know, you don’t have to like a signed band just because they are signed. You don’t have to like a local band just because they are local. I think it’s kinda like, you know, you need a little bit of both of that.

Brian: If you like their music, you like their music.

Trevi: Exactly, but try to…

Brian: But check it out.

Trevi: Supporting local scenes is always fun, because like we need, I mean, we probably need money more than like national bands, signed bands, not saying more than them, but you know it really helps us out. Get to be where we want to be. Don’t be afraid to like go to a concert, that like you know, you’re scared to.

Brian: Make our days.

Trevi: It helps us a lot.

You recently released “The Weekend,” what can you tell me about it?

Trevi: WHOOOO!!!! Umm, that was mine…yo umm I was really excited. I wrote that one. It was really cool. It’s kinda like I was listening to a lot of Blink and stuff and I just wanted…kinda like wanted a song that was kinda like an anthem for like being a kid and really like every memory that I had was all like really from the weekend, you know, and that’s like a lyric from that. I just took a lot of, I took it back to like high school days and like just kinda like play that out…

*Out With The Old in the background fake coughing*

Trevi: Anyway, “The Weekend” yeah, good reflection on just like childhood, you know, having good times which is what our band is about.

*Train goes by*

What should fans expect in the near future from The Resolution?

Brian: Lots of new music.

Trevi: Yeah, lots. We just keep writing and we are trying to take music more seriously every day, umm, not in a bad way, but in a way that we like express ourselves and because we found out that a lot of people like it when you hear emotion and I think that’s lost in a lot of new songs nowadays. I feel like the emotion is going away, so we are trying to bring that back.

Why should people check you out?

Brian: We are fun.

Trevi: Yeah, we are fun live. We like talking to people. I think, literally we talk about it a lot; like we don’t hate…we love the fans like we don’t even like joke about that. We don’t pretend to, you know, we actually…

Brian: That’s our favorite part.

Trevi: We literally look forward to seeing new people and new faces every day, so like if you just check us out, we will check you out. Hahaha…


Trevi: That was weird.

*More laughing*

Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Brian: We love you.

Trevi: We love you. We hope you know you keep checking us out. The old fans, I hate seeing old fans go away because like the older they are, the cooler I think they are and like the more they stick around with us the more we adore them and we can find them and like, we just like love seeing them at our shows. We love seeing old fan bases, as well as new, but you know, just keep believing in us and keep listening to our music.

How would you survive a zombie apocalypse and who in the band would live the longest?

Brian: Not me.

Trevi: Seeing as there is only like three people in the band…

Brian: Patrick.

Trevi: Patrick would die first.

Brian: Yeah.

Trevi: Absolutely.

Brian: We would kill him first, nah I’m just kidding.

Trevi: Yeah, we would give him to the zombies. Umm, Brian would probably stick around the longest. I think I would be second to go…

Brian: Because I would be negotiating…

Trevi: Yeah, umm, no you would just…

Brian: Yeah, no umm, dude you don’t want to kill me yet.

Trevi: You would be just super prepared. You would be like I got my vitamin C, I got my milk. Then I would be like, I’d just go with the flow, so I don’t think I’ll really…I’ll just like go with the zombies somewhere out to eat or something and they would like kill me, but umm, let’s see…yeah that’s pretty much it right?

How would you survive?

Trevi: How would I survive? Umm…

Brian: You wouldn’t.

Trevi: I wouldn’t. I’m like really like…

Brian: Your guitar…

Trevi: I don’t…

Brian: It’s pretty like…

Trevi: I’d have to like sing to them or something, but like…Oh my gosh.

*Car goes by honking loudly*

Trevi: Umm, I’m like a really good like pacifist so I don’t fight anyone so I couldn’t kill anything. So…I wouldn’t survive at all.

Brian: I’d probably hire someone to kill them for me…

Trevi: You’d have that money in a zombie apocalypse?


Brian: Well ah…

Trevi: You’d make that kind of money.

Brian: Yeah…

Trevi: That’s it.

Brian: Alright, next. Next!

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?

Trevi: Stayed up past 10…

Brian: *Singing* I’ll pick you up past ten

Trevi: On a school night.


Brian: Craziest thing I’ve ever done…

Trevi: We don’t, we are not like a party band. We are hanging out with like a lot of people who are like pretty crazy kids…

Brian: And we are just like ahh…lets go to bed…

Trevi: Yeah we are just like, I want to brush my teeth and be in bed by 10 so…

Brian: Yeah…brushing your teeth. Like that’s big with me, I gotta brush my teeth.

Trevi: So we are like really hygienic and…

Brian: But umm crazy, just thinking in life…

Trevi: In life…

Brian: Or as a band. We went to Disney World…

Trevi: Oh yeah, we did go to Disney World and we took pictures with Disney…that’s not really crazy…

Brian: Mickey Mouse, that was pretty crazy because I had never done that before.

Trevi: Yeah and I yelled: “I ship Minnie and Mickey,” which was, that was pretty risky.

Brian: I started dancing…that was, that was pretty crazy.

Trevi: That’s pretty sad that that’s the craziest thing we’ve ever done.

Brian: Actually, driving across the country with pneumonia was pretty crazy for me.

Trevi: Pulling over every 30 seconds to throw up, yeah…

Brian: It’s cool though, TMI.


If you had to date another member of your band, who would you date and why?

Trevi: If I had to date another member…


Trevi: There are only three people, so this is a bit awkward…

Brian: Betty!

Trevi: Betty is not in the band. She is a van.

Brian: What! Don’t say that in front of her.

Trevi: Betty is our van.

Brian: I think you and Patrick would get into to many fights, but I don’t know why you would date me…

Trevi: Patrick is sexy…no offense. I’d probably date Patrick, just for his looks.

Brian: Ah, yeah I’d probably date Patrick too.


Trevi: We both would…

*More laughing*

Brian: For the build…

*And some more laughing*

Check out “The Weekend:”

The Resolution


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