The Resolution: Concert Experience

This was the second time I have seen The Resolution, the first time was during their acoustic set at the Cold Kids and Campfires Tour. The Resolution is a band from the Chicago, Illinois area consisting of Brian Moroney, Trevor (Trevi) Utz, and Patrick Mitchell (who was not there because of school).

Just like the last time I saw them, their entire set was fun and very energetic and I feel that it is one thing that helps to set them apart from other bands. Before their set even started, the audience was already having fun and singing along with Trevi to “Stacy’s Mom.” Once the set got started, people of all ages in the venue came together and seemed to really get into their performance. The fact that their set is always fun and energetic is one of the many reasons I love seeing this band live. Each time I have gone to their shows, I knew that I was going to have a good time. Throughout their set it seemed as if Brian and Trevi were having the time of their lives and so was the audience.

It is easy to say that their song “Kayla” was a favorite of the audience and it seemed the majority of the venue was singing along. The Resolution has a new EP that will be coming out soon. They played a few songs off of it and I would have to say “The Weekend” may very well be my new favorite by them, narrowly beating out “Nothing On Us.” They also have an upcoming tour in April with The Big Time and An Honest Year, which I would encourage you to go to if you have not checked out The Resolution yet.

The members of The Resolution are some of the nicest guys I have met and the band as a whole has a bright future ahead. They are passionate for their music and have a strong fan base that I feel will definitely help them and stand by them towards great things in the future.

You can check out their interview here:

Check out “The Weekend:”

The Resolution


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