Out With The Old: Interview Part 1

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For those who don’t know you, can you state your name and your role in the band?

Nate: I’m Nate, bass.

Matt: I’m Matt. I sing and make mouth noises.

Christian: I’m Christian and I play guitar and Eli is MIA and he plays guitar too.

Matt: And then Brandon is going to be right here *gestures* and he plays drums. And that’s Seth, he sells our merch.

Seth: I play the shirts.

*Insert multiple complaints about the cold*

How and when did the band start?

Matt: Umm, we started on March 23 of last year and it was crazy. It started as a side project for me and our guitarist, Eli. You know, we were in another band and we had recently gotten kicked out and kinda quit and so we started this new band and then he and I, we just did all the full band recordings ourselves in the beginning and then I had known Nathan since I was a sophomore in high school and he was always looking to be a vocalist in a band, but I hit him up to come play bass. He had never played bass a day in his life and he managed to do it and then he knew Brandon, because of an old band that they were in…and then Christian joined. He hit us up on twitter and we were like yeah come jam with us dude.


Nate: I’m using my leg muscles to keep myself warm…


How did you decide your band name?

Matt: Like I said, when Eli and I got kicked out and kinda quit…

*Train interrupts interview*

Matt: *talks louder* When Eli and I got kicked out and kinda quit, Out With The Old just kinda went with the situation at hand. So a lot of people kinda make the joke like out with old people, like no, it’s just like the saying out with the old, in with the new.

What inspires you to write music?


Brandon: What?

Matt: What inspires you to write music?

Brandon: Umm…

Matt: And speak up

Brandon: It’s the only time I don’t want to punch someone in the mouth.

Matt: What about you Christian?

Christian: Umm, all the bad shit that happens, you know, like music helped me and it still does and it’s nice to be able to help people out through music.

Matt: Yeah.

Christian: When I’m playing strings or trying to figure out bad lyrics.

Matt: Yeah, for me it’s just like everything going on in everyday life, I guess. You know, just anything that goes on really inspires around me, like my parents and situations I’ve been through.

*Train and coughing break*

Matt: And Brandon’s here.

Brandon: Hello, I want to answer some questions.

Matt: Say what’s up.

Brandon: Hello.

Christian: His voice is gone.

Brandon: Yeah, my voice is absolutely fucking gone.

*Shivering because it is so cold*

Brandon: You’re shaking, here let me hold this for you.

Me: It’s all good.

*Matt starts coughing*

Brandon: You alright Matt?

Matt: No…

Brandon: I think we are all going to die before we get home.

Matt: Yeah, we are going to die after Chicago.

Christian: We are going to die before we get to…

Brandon: Apparently when I lose my voice, I get a Boston accent as well. It’s the only way I can physically speak.

Matt: Alright, now shut the fuck up.


Is there a specific song that you have written that carries a lot of meaning to you?

Matt: Umm, for me the song that probably means the most…I don’t know there would be two of them. It would be a song that we don’t really play anymore, but it’s called “Watch Me Burn” because I wrote that when I was 15 and getting bullied in high school and then another song, it’s off our new EP its called…

*Really loud train whistle*

Matt: Yeah!

*Train whistle still going*

Christian: *yells something, but can’t hear it over the train*


Matt: Alright, like I was saying. It would be a new song called “San Francisco,” just because it’s like…

*Train whistle starts up again*

Matt: *louder* It’s the only song I’ve written for this band, fully by myself. So like to me, I get into it way more live. I don’t know, like is there anything that we have written that you guys are just like super attached to?

Christian: Umm…“San Francisco,” because I mean, I think like Matt and I have a lot in common when it comes to past relationships and what not so…

Brandon: I’m pretty sure all of us have been fucked over by a girl and yeah so, I think that we can all relate to “San Francisco” the most. I know I most definitely can.

Matt: It’s a fun song to play too, when Eli like plays the cymbal parts.

Christian: Umm, Holy Heart Failure is kinda another one.

Brandon: Oh yeah, that’s right; Holy Heart Failure actually does…

Matt: That song is about absolutely nothing…

Christian: Well, we make it mean something.

Matt: But you guys make it about something, that’s cool.

Brandon: Well because when you say “I’ve grown up and watched you stay at seventeen”

Matt: Oh yeah the chorus.

Brandon: Like, I feel like I’ve matured so much over the past year…

Matt: You’re just like, I’m still 17, but you know what I totally feel ya man…


Matt: You go Brandon!

Brandon: It sucks being the baby.

Matt: You’re cute though.

Where do you want to see the band in five years?

Brandon: Capital Records!

Matt: That’s setting the record a little too high. Umm, 5 years from now, I mean honestly like if we are just able to support ourselves. Honestly, like make a living and be steady and be able to do this full time. I would be more than ecstatic, you know, like to me it’s not a matter of like how big we necessarily get, it’s just a matter of being able to do what we actually love day to day, you know. For me like as long as we are there in 5 years and we are not I guess like kinda like where we are at now, being kinda homeless, you know then.

Christian: It’s cool though, like being on tour, it’s very irritating and what not at times, but it’s also well worth it. It brings us closer in the end.

Matt: Yeah, I agree. I definitely agree.

Brandon: I do agree that spending 30 straight hours in a car together…

Christian: No, no, in a crammed car…

Matt: I was sleeping in the trunk…

Brandon: It doesn’t comfortably seat 5 people. It has 5 seats, but it’s not comfortable with 5 people and we had 6, but we made it fucking work.

What is your favorite part about touring and what is your favorite tour memory?

Matt: This is our first tour, so that’s what’s crazy, but so far my favorite tour memory is probably just being able to literally like sit back when we were driving through random ass states and just realize that I’m with like the 5 people I care the most about. You know, and just like realizing that, there’s no one else I’d rather want to do this with and there’s no one else that like I would feel comfortable doing it with. So that’s been my favorite memory, but I mean the show tonight in Minneapolis was fucking awesome.

Brandon: I think, I agree with what Matt says completely…but honestly I think it’s like super cool that, like you guys actually took time to ask us questions and shit, that I that…

Matt: This pretty cool!

Brandon: This is what makes me happy to do this…

Christian: Standing outside in the freezing cold asking us questions…

Brandon: Standing outside in the freezing cold just to answer your questions, I love it!

Matt: I love it! I mean I’m the asshole who picked to do this outside…


Brandon: I mean fuck it!

Marisa (my assistant): Its quiet out here…

Matt: It is, except for the trains


Matt: And then the big ass truck, but you know what, we will forget about it.

Christian: Umm, my favorite part, right now is meeting new people and seeing the damn country. I’ve never really experienced much of the country and what not.

Brandon: I’ve been through more states on this tour than I have ever been through in my life…

Matt: And we just started.

Christian: Yeah and this is only day one…

*Cue another train*

Christian: Oh no…not again!

Brandon: How many people crash into those damn trains?

*Starts discussing my irrational fear of trains*

Check out part 2 of the interview: https://livingthevanlife.wordpress.com/2015/03/25/owtop2/

Check out their song San Francisco: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0dt8IXbQnVE


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