The Millenium: Interview

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The Millenium Interview:

For those who don’t know you, can you state your name and your role in the band?

Matt: I’m Matt and I sing.

Sean: I’m Sean and I play base in The Millenium.

Kyle C: I am Kyle Culver and I play the guitar.

How and when did the band start?

Matt: This band started out as a duo, but our first full band show was May 2nd of last year which would have been 2014.

How long have you known each other?

Matt: We have known each other; I’ve known Kyle since 2009. We’ve all kinda been in the same Eau Claire music scene for a couple years now so we’ve all kinda hung out and been friends for a while.

What inspires your music the most? What song carries the most meaning to you?

*Train goes by rather loudly*

Matt: I’ll tell you what I don’t write about, trains.

Kyle: I think for me, what inspires me is the love of actually getting to create something and then have something that I can look back on when I’m older. I think right now, I would say we just released a new record called The Pine Hollow Sessions and I would say the version of “Ghost Town” we did right now is probably the most fun and means the most to me. Sean.

Sean: Music is just something that has always kinda helped me. Umm, I don’t know.

*Extremely unnecessarily loud car goes by (That Guy)*

Sean: Just like something that helps me feel, if that makes sense, I don’t know. I really like our song “Garnish My Love.”


Matt: Oh are we all going around?

*Multiple yeahs*

Matt: What inspires me? I don’t know, music has always been kinda…the reason I write music is more for a release…I’m a really anxious person and I feel like…its self-expression if anything, and like yeah I write about the things that bother me or that go wrong in life, and then somehow it always seems like when I write about something negative, if I sing about it enough it turns into a positive thing. Like that kinda like goes away in my life…it is kinda cathartic in a way. I don’t know my favorite song I’ve ever written. Honestly, my favorite song that we ever released is a cover of “Let My Love Open the Door” by Pete Townshend which is on our new Pine Hollow Sessions. That song just…brings me to emotional tears and literal tears when we first wrote it. All the time. I’ll listen to it by myself, I absolutely love that song. It started out, the original is super upbeat and like almost sounds like cliché and then we turned into this like slow love ballad that I think is really, really cool.

Where do you see the band in five years?

Sean: I mean hopefully just reaching greater heights. I mean we have been grinding pretty hard on touring. We have done like six national tours in the past year, I guess. You know, just keep on touring and keep on meeting new people and writing new music, that’s the most important thing.

Matt: More shows. Play more shows.

Sean: Yeah, hopefully reach greater heights.

What has been the biggest struggle as a band?

Matt: The biggest is tough, because there are a lot of big ones.

Sean: Not really, but…

Matt: Yes. There are multiple struggles.

Sean: I think, financially, that’s always been. Which is always hard because…

Kyle: In this day of age, you are not just a musician. You are the business. You are every facet of it and so you almost have to operate as a business to stay organized and to stay afloat, continuing with these tours. So, I think that’s one of the hardest things.

Sean: Yeah definitely. And I feel like, the way we live our life is, you know, a lot of our money goes towards the band. But then it’s hard for us to, you know, pay for rent and pay for all these other things. It can get kinda tough sometimes, but it’s always worth it, you know, when you are on stage and playing to a bunch of people.

What has stood out the most so far in your career?

Matt: I think my favorite moment as a band is when we played Warped Tour; we played the Shakopee date at Warped Tour. Warped Tour as a whole is one of the things that inspired me to play music live for people, so the fact that we got to be a part of that and there was a pretty good crowd. It was mind blowing. It’s one of the most nervous I have ever been, but one of the greatest days of my life, absolutely.

Sean: I think mine is just, meeting people around the country, I guess. You know, people will really surprise you a lot in the way they are so gracious or nice. We have had a lot of just random people do nice things for us. I remember our van broke down in Connecticut and we were just so broke, it was a tiring day. Like they paid $250 worth, they just paid, like they did it no charge and stuff like that, everyday just makes it worth it I guess.

Kyle: I would say that or just like we had the chance to like with the Pine Hollow stuff to recreate it and to recreate some of the songs we have previously done, reimagine it.

Sean: We listen to so much different music, you know.

Kyle: Yeah, that was pretty cool.

What from touring has stood out the most to you and what is your most memorable tour moment?

Kyle: Ok for me, I love jazz music. I got to listen to Ella Fitzgerald’s “Autumn in New York” in Central Park. That was…

Matt: In the autumn.

Kyle: In the fall, oh my god that was beautiful.

Sean: Just touring as a whole is just something that’s kinda of, you know, a dream every day. Just being able to wake up in a different city every day, it’s just kinda like this gypsy life style that I’ve grown accustom to and I really love it.

*Truck starts backing up and honking*

Matt: Oh it’s his back up noise; I was like that’s unnecessary.


Matt: I don’t know my favorite moment of touring is…

*Truck honks again, more laughter*

Matt: I just love traveling so much. I love the view from the van window. That’s like one of my favorite things in the world. I love to put my headphones and watch the world go by and I like to imagine how they live their lives differently. I think that’s a little game I play all the time. There’s one moment in particular, I was listening to one of my favorite records of all time. We were driving, we had an early morning drive, and I watched the sun rise over the ocean, over the New England coast in the fall and I was speechless for an hour and a half.

Kyle: California too we were like that.

Matt: That’s the stuff that’s the cool parts that people don’t necessarily know about are the cool things you get to see, like you can see a lot of unique things that not everyone gets to see. That makes it worth it, that and shows make it worth it.

Do you feel more people need to check out their local music scene?

Kyle: Absolutely.

Sean: I mean that’s a huge thing, especially for us coming from Eau Claire. Local music is everything in that city. Locally, Eau Claire, I think is one of the best. There is just so much music and so much community. I feel like more people should go to shows, more people should pick up guitars.

Kyle: Yeah, because Blink-182 started out you know as a small band.

Matt: For touring artists at our level, we rely heavily on local bands to bring kids out to shows that haven’t necessarily seen us. A local scene is really what keeps a band of our size and our friends, like you know The Big Time, they help us play our dreams out because at least when those bands play, they can get their friends to come and stuff like that. So the local music scene is so important to a higher music scene international, international music scene. Everybody started out playing locally and they were supportive to people they lived next door to and that can never stop, that is the most important thing, that’s the foundation to it all.

So you recently released the Pine Hollow Sessions, what can you tell me about that and what was the inspiration behind it?

Kyle: I think the inspiration behind it is our local music scene. It is very collective, it’s a very indie based scene. I think as a band we really wanted to connect with our community more and that was one way we could do it and revisit or renew some new things as musicians.

Sean: I think it was also to try something different. I mean we all, we’ve never done anything in any bands we ever played in, we never done anything like that and really like we added strings and stuff. Really like an ode to our influences, you know, such as like Bon Iver and S. Carey, and stuff.

What should fans expect in the near future from The Millenium?

Matt: I mean we are working on some cool things. We are in the process of writing right now, there are not a lot of details about that, but we are going to be hitting the road this summer, more details to follow as well.

Sean: Spring or summer yeah, a lot of touring.

Matt: We will be doing a music video.

Sean: Very soon, so that will be out.

Matt: I mean it’s…I feel like a lot of people think we kinda fell off the map a little bit, but what we are really doing is just pulling back a slingshot and we cannot wait to fully release everything we have been working on, because I know personally, and as a group, we strive for what we want exactly and we are not just gonna come out and release anything too early, we are going to wait until its fully, you know…

Sean: The best it can be.

Matt: I think of it like cooking. I just got into cooking, so I look at it like this, you know, a stew you can as soon as its ready, you can release it and people are like this is pretty good stew, but if you let it suits for about 4-5 hours…

Sean: Suits?

Matt: It lets it suit and it lets some of the water to evaporate off and all the flavors mingle correctly. That’s what we are waiting to do, we are just waiting for everything to settle correctly, so that we can release and do what we want to do.

Why should people check out The Millenium?

Kyle: I think our theme as a band is kinda like this whole idea of love, loss, and learning and it’s something that really anybody of any age can relate to. I think that’s something we want people to resonate with for the next record too.

Sean: Yeah, we want people I guess just to…

*Guy in car blasting Pitbull*

Kyle: And Pitbull

Sean: Just take the music and just understand that what they are going through, we have probably been through it and stuff so…

Kyle: That guy…

*Laughter, watching guy in car jam out*

How would you survive a zombie apocalypse and who in the band would live the longest?

Matt: I would probably die first. I think it’s pretty obvious why.

Kyle: I think Sean…I don’t know that’s a tough question.

Matt: But, Feather…Feather could be like a little like, he’s very logical so I think he would like sneak around and…

Kyle: I think I would be okay, because I like to repurpose things. Like if I was in a junk yard, I could make a pretty awesome fort.

Matt: But you have to think everyone else is going to be in the junkyard too, it’s the zombie apocalypse.

Sean: I would never give up, I don’t know.

Kyle: We know Matt would probably die first…

Sean: I think that Matt would die first. We can’t say the longest, but we can say the first and that’s Matt.


Matt: I mean it’s obvious across the board.

If you had to date another member of your band, who would it be and why?

Kyle: Brandon

Sean: Brandon

Matt: Brandon

Sean: Yeah, I’d probably date Matt.

Kyle: We are polyamorous. We all love each other.

 Check out Pine Hollow Sessions:

The Millenium



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