The Millenium: Concert Review/Experience

The Millenium

            This was the second time I have seen The Millenium. The Millenium is from Eau Claire, Wisconsin and consists of members Kyle Culver, Kyle Featherstone, Matt Hasenmueller, and Sean Koran.

The first song they played was “Take Me” which is one of my favorites. From the beginning until the end, it was easy to see that the audience was really into their performance. For each song, it was rare to see someone not singing along. Not only were most of the audience members captivated by their performance, but the band was also really into each song as well. One thing that I have observed the two times that I have watched The Millenium is that they have a presence on stage that quickly demands people to stop, listen, and give their music a chance.

There is a lot about The Millenium that sets them apart from other bands. One thing is Matt’s voice. His voice has a unique sound to it and one can easily hear the raw passion and emotion in each song he sings. Another thing that sets them apart is how much each member of the band gets into each song and one can see the love of performing on their faces. The thing I like most about The Millenium is how easy it is for the audience to connect with them in every song they perform. It soon becomes apparent how much meaning and emotion is behind their songs and I feel that is one of the reasons they can so easily connect with their audience.

Perhaps two songs that got the audience going the most were their covers of “Toxic” and “Classic,” which very well may be better than the originals. No matter what song they play, The Millenium has a demanding, have fun kind of performance that sets them apart from other bands. The Millenium, with ease, had people of all ages in the crowd having a good time.

The show ended with their song “Ghost Town” which was the first song I heard by them about four months ago. They closed out the show with the audience belting out the lyrics along with them.

The Millenium consists of some of the kindest hearted and dedicated people that I have met. It is very evident that they have the drive and dedication that it takes to make it far in the music business and I look forward to following their career. They have a unique sound and a demanding; have fun kind of show that easily gets the entire audience into each of their songs. If you have not checked out their “Pine Hollow Sessions” yet, I would highly suggest it. If you get a chance to see them live, take it as it will be a fun filled night to remember.

 Check out my interview with The Millenium:

The Millenium


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