Late Nite Reading

A few days ago I found myself sitting in class and the next minute, texting my suitemate Hannah and asking her if she wanted to go see Late Nite Reading with me. The next thing I knew we had set out on the two and a half hour journey to my hometown. I smiled as we pulled into the park I used to play at all the time as a kid. I shivered as the cold winter air hit my skin as I stepped out of the car and made my way to the enclosed shelter.

Late Nite Reading: Hannah            I have been listening to their music for quite a while and had always wanted to see them live. It was an acoustic show with only a handful of people, as it was my friend’s cousin’s birthday party. Personally, I am a huge fan of acoustic shows and once I got there, I was kicking myself for almost not going. The set they played was incredible. I soon found myself singing along to my favorite song by them, “Writing on the Walls,” but then they played “Ecstasy” (I think I might have new favorite). I also really liked the “Fancy” and “Just How I Do It” mashup. The entire set one could easily tell by listening to them, how much passion they have in their music and that they were having fun. It took a few comments said jokingly by the band such as: “you are allowed to clap now,” and soon after a few songs they had everyone in attendance clapping. As the show went on, it seemed as if everyone in the crowd were breaking out of their shells and soon more and more audience members began to clap and sing along.Dalton

jbkj    After their set they had a meet and greet. So of course my awkward, shy side decided to kick in. It took a little “motivation” (also known as minor threats) from Hannah to push me out of my comfort zone a bit. Before I knew it, I was getting a hug and picture with Brady. Then after a little bit more “motivation” I was taking a picture with Dalton and talking to him for a bit. He helped me come out of my shell a bit for the night and I look forward to hopefully talking to him again soon.

Teri    Fortunately, after not getting to meet her at the Cold Kids and Campfires Tour, I got to take a picture with Teri Cwiek and talk to her for a bit. Teri was super nice and was super fun to talk to. I especially loved hearing her tell her Bill Nye the Science Guy story, because I will admit it, that would probably have been me too. I am a huge fan of her work and would highly suggest that people check her work out.

After a quick picture with the band, Hannah and I had to head back. The two and a half hour drive was made eventful by my GPS falling off the windshield randomly and an argument over whom in the band is the cutest, the entire way back to our dorm (the argument is still going on). However when we got back, despite having a class the following morning, I had had so much fun at the Late Nite Reading show that when it came to falling asleep that night: “I couldn’t sleep if I tried…”

Late Nite Reading has an EP entitled “Ecstasy” that is coming out soon and I would greatly encourage people to give it a listen.

Late Nite Reading


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